About Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian Award


IMPACT – Impactful films are instrumental in opening minds, changing hearts and inspiring audiences to make a difference for the world’s most pressing problems.

CHANGE – Films change attitudes and beliefs, heighten sensitivity and bring about individual and social change. Often they are someone’s first exposure to a particular topic, raising the awareness that something needs to be done.

INFLUENCE – As such, we believe that filmmakers are as important to meaningful change as policy makers, organizations, fund raisers and issue leaders.


The Award:

We are committed to helping promote awareness and change through the work of talented filmmakers.  Each of our three competitions – IndieFEST, Best Shorts and Accolade Global Film Competition – bestows an annual Humanitarian Award to an outstanding film that address issues of Ecological, Political, Social Justice, Health and Wellness, Animals, Wildlife, Conservation and Spiritual importance.

Beginning in 2014 we will also select our first annual Global Film Awards Humanitarian Award!  Finalists for the award will come from all three of our sister competitions.  Those films that meet the award criteria and have earned an Award of Excellence or are hand picked by our judges are eligible.  Our goal with this new award is to bring even more awareness to the teams of filmmakers who work tirelessly to create thought provoking films and make an impact on the world.

Awards are given at three levels – A Grand Prize winner, Outstanding Achievement and Awards of Distinction.

Humanitarian Award Statuette – Grand Prize winner

While we understand that filmmakers are not creating these impactful films to receive awards, we are pleased to honor the GRAND PRIZE winner with a statuette that is a beautiful piece of art.  The statuette is an exquisitely crafted, 12 inch tall, 24K gold plated figure created by the makers of the Oscar Award, befitting the importance of the work that filmmakers are doing for the betterment of our world.

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